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Netley Sailing Club Sailing Programme





New for 2017

We are expanding the programme and there will be a Sailaway Cruise on every 1st and 3rd Saturday from May to September inclusive. For most of these the start time will be 10:30 (briefing is 15 minutes earlier). This means we will have a total of 10 Sailaways and in order to support this programme there is now a new Club Duty: Sailaway Leader. A separate briefing document is in production for all people taking on this duty, and in addition you can contact our Sailaway Coordinator by email ( or by phone (07769 881 418) to understand the role you will play on the day.

We have the benefit of the support of our club ribs who patrol the group and can also carry extra clothing and/or picnics if space is limited on your boat. Cruising in company is a social activity focussed on passage-making and seamanship so you can enjoy sailing your boat without the pressure or intensity that comes with racing. If you are a complete novice then see if you can crew for a more experienced person for your first few times.

All boats are welcome and we bring a mooring buoy so, if your boat is not suited to being beached, you can tie up to that or raft up to one of the ribs.

We are keen to encourage participation in these events, so the Committee has granted that if you want to use one of the club boats instead of your own there will be no rental charge this season. The Omegas are particularly well suited to this activity, and the Fevas are good for a pair of teens.

Month Saturday dates Start Time Expected Finish Destination Primary Secondary/ Backup
May 6 10:30 16:00 Stokes Bay Hill Head
May 20 10:30 18:00 Folly Inn Cowes Calshot
June 3 10:30 16:00 Swanwick Hamble
June 17 11:00 20:00 Eling SC Ashlett Creek
July 1 - 2 11:30 (overnight) RSYC - Beaulieu River  
July 15 10:30 16:30 Ashlett Creek  
August 5 10:30 19:30 Yarmouth Lepe
August 19 10:30 18:00 Gurnard SC Hill Head
September 2 10:30 19:00 Lepe / Yarmouth / Gurnard (TBD)  
September 16 10:30 15:00 Lepe Calshot